Roxy Rules!


Leopold must have knew that Roxy is a box machine and hide from her. Roxy has to look for him for several minutes witch makes her even more determinant . She finds him hiding underneath the boxing ring and pulls him out.

Roxy starts to belly punch Leopold so hard and so fast that he nearly pukes. She boxes him harder and harder to the stomach, Her punches must be so strong because of that pair of enormous counterweight on her chest.

Of this film it is obvious that Roxy loves what she does and giving everyone else a hard time especially Leopold who is having a lot of trouble taking those powerful punches of Roxy.

Roxy just relentlessly belly punches him for never ending minutes. Boxing his stomach, chest and kidneys. Leopold begs for his life and kisses her feet and butt to please Roxy. It works for a while but she snaps him a couple of times on his face just to let him know where is his place.

Video length: 9:07 min, and it comes with a downloadable image set of 85  photos.

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