Punishment and Domestic Discipline

The queen of the house, Adri gets home, but she finds her mate watching TV. Since she is the boss, and she doesn’t like what she sees, she questions her boyfriend: why he is so lazy and not doing his duties? Her boyfriend apologizes and talks back a bit. Adri was waiting for this, she streams all her anger onto him: grabs him and brings him to the kitchen, have him to do the dishes, then wet his head in the sink. She thinks it is not enough, so she handcuffs him, and throws him on the floor, kicking him into the corner ordering him on his knees. The boyfriend is crying this time and doesn’t know how to apologize and ask Adri to forgive him. So he kisses her feet, worships them, but this is still not enough! Adri grabs him again, pulls him on the floor, takes him back to the kitchen sink and makes him do some more dishes. Shooting with him and humiliates him by words and by very painful claps, hits and kicks. Adri humiliates him in a real cruel way in order to teach him to respect women. Adri enjoys dominating on her boyfriend, who enjoys very much being punished and being under control.

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