Submissive Men Test from Mistress Dominica Richie

Take this quiz and find out how submissive you are. You will receive a detailed report on your submissive personality and the right Mistress will be recommended to you based on your personality.

!!!Warning, be aware of Dominica’s harsh language and bold evaluation on YOU!!!

Submissive Men Test from Mistress Dominica Richie


Do you tend to wait for others to approach you rather than making the first move?

Do you like to eat pussy?

Do you like the thought of being scratched or bitten by a woman, particularly during sexual arousal?

Do high heels or boots on a woman make her more sexually attractive to you?

Would you guess that you masturbate more often than other men?

Do you fantasize about your wife or girlfriend cheating on you?

Would you want to see your wife or girlfriend being fucked by another man?

Do you fantasize about Mistresses also being your teacher, professor, or boss?

Do you obsess over a woman's ass?

Would you beg a Mistress to kick you in the nuts?

Do you believe that a slave's orgasms should be completely controlled by his Mistress?

Does the idea of long-term chastity appeal to you?

Do you have fantasies of being wrestled or otherwise beaten up by a woman?

Do you enjoy breath control/smothering?

Does the idea of crossdressing or sissification appeal to you?

Do you like the idea of being tied up or otherwise physically restrained?

Would you say that it's difficult for you to be submissive?

Do you need pain?

Do you feel that it's fair for your wife/girlfriend to sleep around if you are unable to satisfy her sexually?

Do you have a foot fetish?

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could "give up control"?

Would you say that you are a loser?

Do you desire to be whipped or paddled?

Do you prefer to avoid attracting attention to yourself?

Do you think your penis is below-average in size?

Do you prefer giving gifts over receiving them?

Are you turned on by being insulted by a woman?

Have you ever pictured your "perfect Mistress"?

Do you find power to be an attractive trait in a woman?

Is it easier for you to masturbate when thinking of being dominated?

Find out how submissive male you are


  1. john
    August 29, 2013

    Make me a man

  2. rob
    September 16, 2013

    Mmmm! Nothing about caning. Which is my obsession. rob

  3. ZH
    September 18, 2013

    There’s something very wrong about this test. In the “Do you fantasize about your wife or girlfriend cheating on you?” section, there’s no “no” option. I have a wife, and we have a trusting, loving relationship. Cuckolding isn’t sexy to us, it’s kind of super sad.

    Your test is broken.

  4. Baadboob
    November 29, 2013

    My battery charge is now at 69 % ;~>

  5. tomi
    October 25, 2014