Cheating Husband Taught Fidelity by Angry Wife Who Can Fight


Susanna White was cheated but after this nude sex fight this is not going to happen again. She beats up Jack whit an umbrella so bad that he will not forget for sure! This dude is sorry he cheated, his girl is FURIOUS! Her fists are flying and that’s not all she uses! 

Are you ever going to cheat on me again? I said while slapping my man in the face and kicking him in the nuts. He hit the ground hard, but no way was I even close to done. You cheat on me and you’re going to be sorry. I found out my man was hitting the town with some skank from down the street, now he’s going to pay for that. I beat him with my fists, but worry he might be liking it a little too much so I grab an umbrella nearby and start to really wail on him. The umbrella leaves marks across his ass, a little reminder of what happens when you mess with the wrong girl. 

Video length: 15:43 min.

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