Ebony Facesits On Submissive White Male Slave


You are here for one purpose, and one purpose only: to have me sit on your face. I am one of the most notorious queening ebonies from around this place, and you should treat it as a privilege that I allow you to go anywhere near my beautiful black pussy. I want complete and utter silence while I play on my phone and sit on your face: if you try to move or let a peep come out of that stupid face of yours, I will punish you accordingly.

You look so funny with your squashed red nose! Haha, how pathetic. I imagine that you don’t get to do this often, because the movement in your underwear suggests that the last time you saw a beautiful black vagina was, well, never. You’re probably a virgin, and the only way you get to see a girl naked is if you offer to be her completely submissive facesitting slave.

Video length: 6:16 min.

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