Heart-Broken Cuckold Slave Whipped By Wife’s New Lover


I think it is time that I introduced you to the man that I have been having sex with for the last few months behind your back. I am sure that you have noticed a huge change in my attitude toward life, mainly because now I am a lot happier that a bull can fill me up with his amazing cock and fuck me all night. Get down on the floor like a good cuckold slave and give your lead to him: he’s going to teach you a thing or two.

Come and look in the mirror while your wife admires me and my fancy clothes. It is time for you to get spanked like a little pet that has done the wrong thing. The collar you wear is a sign of the fact that you are useless as a husband and are nothing more than a toy for your gorgeous lover and her partners.

Video length: 6:04 min.

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