You’re a Boot-Licking Loser

The Boot-Licking Loser is probably the most popular, if stereotypical, type of male slave. You are completely subservient, sometimes even TOO subservient for some dommes. Dominating men like you is far from a challenge as you already start out completely willing and eager to do whatever it takes to please your Mistress. Slaves in this category also tend to have foot or footwear fetishes, likely coinciding with the fact that they see themselves as so lowly and worthless compared to their Mistress that they spend most of their time on the ground, at foot-level. Whether you wish to worship your Mistress’ perfect feet or lick her knee-high boots clean, this behavior will earn you little if any respect.

Cuckolding is another related fetish; a true Boot-Licking Loser knows he has no chance of a sexual or romantic relationship with his Mistress and will even help her prep for her dates with Real Men. You may find yourself becoming quite adept at lacing boots and corsets, applying nail polish, and pampering your Mistress in general. If you’re lucky, she’ll tell you all about her evening while you kneel at her feet. If not, you’re probably submissive enough to understand that she doesn’t owe you that privilege. You serve her because you see it as your duty, not because you expect something in return. Of course, a good Mistress will reward her slave every so often to encourage him, but there are always crueler dommes who will never say so much as a thank you. And, naturally, there are also slaves who are seeking EXACTLY THAT!

Embrace your loser-ness and find a mean Mistress to serve. Princess Nikky Thorn is a perfect example of the type of Mistress for a boot-licking loser toworship. She loves to experiment and also loves to use her slaves as her test subjects. In one of her videos here, she makes a slave carry her heavy luggage, knowing quite well that the weak loser will struggle with or fail at the task. Naturally, that gives her a perfect excuse to punish him further (not that she needs an excuse). She’ll tease you, smother you beneath her sexy ass, mock you mercilessly, and make you do all sorts of chores for her simply because she’s above all that. Why should she lift a finger when there are pathetic slave wanna-bes like you around who would beg for the privilege of scrubbing her floors, doing her laundry, or painting her toenails?

When it comes down to it, your servitude is more menial than sexual. While you’d certainly enjoy pleasing her sexually, you understand that the decision is entirely up to her. If you wish to serve, you will do so in whatever capacity she desires, even if it means you’re nothing more than her personal maid. Sissification could be a fetish if yours too, but it’s generally 50/50 with these types. If that is your thing, then there are many Mistresses who would enjoy making you look the part, whether it’s dressing you up as a maid, making you a silly-looking sissy to mock and taunt, or even treating you like a female all-around, as if you’re just “one of the girls”. Whether you prefer keeping your masculinity or giving it up for your Mistress, you’re still a Boot-Licking Loser, so get to work already!



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