Femdom With Liza Del Sierra


Who would not be shy when Liza Del Sierra rubs his chest and remove his underwear? Her perfectly rounded ass and huge tits stunning eyes seduce every man. Of course Liza knows how to handle shy guys like Liviu who is so disturbed that he has no idea how to behave. Liza knows exactly what […]

Ballbusting with Bartender Woman


Another session here with Rigid Bartender Woman. Servant Boy had not learned the lesson and came back for another “drink” but now she had to come up with something stronger than a casual face sitting so she aimed for the balls this time! Ballbusting with foot and hand then a remarkable blowjob! Video length: 17:03 min, […]

Caroline’s Catch


Caroline catches her co-worker sneaking up on her, while she is exercising. She orders him to his knees in the corner, facing the wall, to make sure he doesn’t watch her. But, he just can’t help himself lurking again. He breaks free and Caroline punishes him hard through 14 minutes, with ballbasting and facesitting, endlessly. But, […]

Femdom Abbie ballbusting her slave and gives him a blowjob

femdom-abbie-ballbusting-her-slave-and-gives-him-a-blowjob másolata

-Abbie Cat is the ultimate femdom, a beautiful and petite brunette Mistress that you wouldn’t suspect of being so kinky and cruel. This video starts off with ballbusting, though, Abbie kicking her slave Miki in the nuts just for the hell of it. She slaps his face and squeezes his balls, obviously getting off on […]

Ballbusting Mix – Erotic Female Domination


In this clip everything is about ball busting, cock torture and penis abuse! This is a mixed video of our best ballbusting videos of the best scenes. Featuring the hottest amazons, toughest mistresses grabbing dicks and squeezing balls. Featuring Cathy Haven, Liza Del Sierra, Sweet Claudia, Aliz, Melanie Memphis, Aleska Diamond, Nikky Thorne, Diana and […]

Sneaking on Debora


Debora usually is quiet and shy girl but she got upset when the hotel owner’s son sneaks on her while she changes. She catches him and throws him on the bed, pulls off his underwear and grabs his balls hard, to teach him to show some respect next time! Poor son’s dick is bitten and […]

Aleska Diamond and her servant boy


Aleska Diamond has her toenails fixed by her own servant boy but he prickle her. She gets angry and snaps him to the floor and ballbusting him grabbing and squeezing his balls. She also enjoys facesitting and she has an orgasm.

Wellbusted Continues


Melanie Memphis tricked whitey boy over to the gym from the Ramada Hotel. By the time he realize something wrong here it is too late to do anything, the doors are locked and no one is around to save him, in no time whitey boy finds himself on the floor being sexually insulted! He`s disoriented […]